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Instagram GIFs are a fun way to share what you’re feeling, get a laugh, or grab attention on your feed. Everyone from individual users, small businesses to major brands are in on the trend of these repeating video clips!

But because you can’t create GIFs directly inside Instagram, you’ll need a little help first.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to create your own GIFs using videos on your phone, how to share popular GIFs from the GIPHY app, and how to post GIFs on your Instagram account!

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What is a GIF?

GIFs have been a hot topic on almost every social network for years now.

GIFs are animated images, often just a few seconds long, that play on a continuous loop.

A GIF on Instagram might be used for comedy, to share shocking news, or to get a point across in a way that capture’s followers’ attention.

How to Post a GIF on Instagram

Posting a GIF to Instagram requires a few specific steps and a third-party app.

Luckily, those steps are about to get easier, thanks to GIPHY being acquired by Facebook in May of this year!

This popular search engine is the definitive source for shareable GIFS, with a ton of integrations into your favorite platforms.

To post your GIF with GIPHY you’ll need to:

  • Download the GIPHY app
  • Sign up/ Login using Facebook
  • Search for a GIF to share
  • Tap “Share”
  • Tap the Instagram logo
  • Select Post or Stories

Below, we’ll explain these steps in detail to help you start posting your own GIFs on your Instagram!

Step One: Download the GIPHY App to Your Phone

Before you can learn how to post GIF to Instagram, you’ll first need to download the app. GIPHY offers both a desktop app, and a mobile app for Android and iOS! 

Our favorite part: the app is free! One important note, though: we recommend that you start with the mobile app if you plan to share GIFs to Instagram. The desktop app doesn’t offer posting capabilities to Instagram just yet.

Step Two: Sign Up or Log In with Facebook

Logging into Facebook makes using the GIPHY app a breeze, and allows you to post GIFs to both Instagram and Facebook.

If you don’t want to login to Facebook, you can also use an email address and password to log in to the app.

Step Three: Search for the GIF You Want to Share

Now that you’re logged in to the app, you can browse new and popular GIFs right from the home page or use keywords to search the database. Choose keywords based on your moods, activities, popular TV shows or characters, and more to get just the right GIF for every situation.

Step Four: Tap the Share Button

Now that you’ve picked your GIF, it’s time to share. While you can upload GIFs to Instagram, you can also send them via Facebook Messenger and Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Messages.

You can also copy the GIF link directly or copy the GIF to paste it.

Step Five: Tap the Instagram Icon

If you want to add a GIF to Instagram, tap the purple Instagram icon, allow access to your camera roll, and then open Instagram.

This will save the GIF as a 15-second video square on your phone.

Step Six: Select Story or Feed

You have a couple of options for how to put GIFs on Instagram, including posting it to your Story or directly to your Feed. After you select where you want to post it, the steps to make it go live are the same as adding any new post on Instagram.

How to Post GIF on Instagram Story

If you’ve followed the steps outlined above, your GIF will appear in a single frame on your Instagram Stories. 

You can also use the GIF feature in Instagram Create Mode to create a full-screen version of a GIF (it displays in three tiles.) Finally, you can also add multiple GIF stickers to your Stories by tapping the Sticker tray!

How to Add GIF to Instagram Feed in a Loop

Now that you know how to add a GIF to your Instagram, it’s time for the next question; can you post a loop on Instagram?

Yes, and it’s not difficult!

First, you’ll need to save multiple versions of the same GIF on your phone.

Then, tap ‘Share to Instagram’ a few times, which will create multiple 15-second clips of the GIF in your camera roll. 

Open the GIF in the Instagram app and select ‘Post to Feed.’

Select the 15-second GIF, tap ‘Next,’ then tap ‘Trim.’

When the square with the plus sign pops up, click it to add the additional video clips to lengthen your video and create a GIF loop.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Upload GIF to Instagram

You’ve got the steps for creating or choosing a GIF, but you might still have some questions. We’re answering some common ones below.

Why can’t I post GIFs on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t allow you to create GIFs directly in the app and uploading a GIF file from your phone usually won’t work because it won’t automatically loop.

To get around this, you need to use a GIF editor or create a .mp4 file of your GIF repeating in order to make it loop. Otherwise, your GIF will only play once as a video on your feed, which is typically only a few seconds long. Awkward.

How do you make a GIF for Instagram?

There are plenty of apps for making and uploading GIFS, but because GIPHY is now owned by Instagram and Facebook, you’ll get even more functionality from the app than you did before.

GIPHY cam is also a great mobile app to convert GIFS from videos on your phone!

Can you post a loop on Instagram?

Most GIF apps allow you to post a loop on Instagram. Don’t forget to use the steps outlined above to make your GIF loop longer and even more entertaining.

Conclusion: How to Put a GIF on Instagram with GIPHY

While you might not be able to make a GIF on Instagram, GIPHY makes it easy to find popular apps or create your own, and then you can create an Instagram post on your Feed or Story.

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